Tourte Copy Violin Bow

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Francois Xavier Tourte (1747-1835) was a French bow maker who made a number of significant contributions to the development of stringed instrument bows, and is considered to be the most important figure in the development of the modern violin bow.  The D Z Strad Tourte copy is a finely crafted reproduction of Tourte's masterful design work.  The bow is fully silver-lined and made of select, high quality, dense Pernambuco.  Featuring a finely polished round stick and Ebony frog with a mother-of-pearl shield inlay and mother-of-pearl slide, the bow is evenly balanced for a response that has become synonymous with Tourte's name.  The thumb grip is wrapped lizard skin leather over silver lapping.  Equipped with genuine white, unbleached, Mongolian Grade AAAA Horse Hair, this Tourte copy is a premium choice for professional players. 
  • Each bow is inspected in our own workshop in the United States
  • Size - Length (inches) / Weight (grams): 4/4 - 29.25" / 61g

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