Rental Terms and Conditions

  • Rental and/or renewal shall be paid in full via credit card or cash
  • A current driver’s license or government-issued ID will be kept on file. The customer will be responsible for informing  D Z Strad ViolinShop of any changes in address, or contact information during the rental period
  • Rental agreement begins on the date of full payment and must be returned or renewed upon agreed rental expiration date (a late fee of 2% a day may be charged if instruments aren't renewed or returned on time). Rental fee includes coverage for repairs as outlined below
  • Online rental customers are responsible for the shipping of any exchanges and/or  returns
Rental Outfit Pricing Guide
All Rental Outfits include the instrument, a case, a brazilwood bow, a shoulder rest, and a pack of rosin.
Prices include coverage of minor repairs and routine maintenance 
Rent-to-Own Option: 
The customer’s rental fee can be applied to the purchase of the rented instrument or of any of our other available instruments of equal or greater value as follows: 
  • 100% of the rental fee can be applied to the full cost of the instrument within the first THREE MONTHS of the initial rental period only 
  • Thereafter, 50% of the rental fee may be applied to the full cost of the instrument or an instrument of greater or equal value
  • Rental fee may NOT be used to purchase bows, accessories, cases, electric, or consignment instruments.
  • Customers who wish to do the rent-to-own program must have their rental payments paid on time. 
Exchange Policy: 
Should customers require or desire a different size instrument, they may exchange the instrument at any time during the rental period. If a model upgrade is desired, the rental payment will be adjusted and the difference will be paid at the time of the exchange.
Return Policy: 
Returns can be made at any time during the rental contract. D Z Strad will retain two additional months and the renter will receive the remaining months in the form of cash or credit. Upon the return of the rental, any major damages will be assessed and paid for by the customer immediately. 
All repairs MUST be performed by D Z Strad Violin Shop ONLY! Any repairs performed on D Z Strad Instruments by anyone other than the D Z Strad Violin Shop voids the rental agreement.