D Z Strad Violin Bow - Victor Fetique A Paris - Pernambuco Copy

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Born in Mirecourt, Victor François Fétique (1872-1933) was apprenticed to Charles Claude Husson and trained further with Sigisbert Maline, Émile Miquel, and Nicolas Bazin. His early bows bear the hallmarks of this schooling, with narrow heads and heels mounted with miter joints. In 1901 Fétique moved to Paris to join the firm of Caressa & Français. The 12 years he spent there were formative in the evolution of his model, which gained some characteristics of his colleague Claude Thomassin's work. He set up his own firm in 1913, and after modest beginnings he began to produce a large number of bows, especially from 1915 to 1933.  
The D Z Strad Victor Fétique bow is a high quality copy of the fine workmanship of this maker, noted for creating some of the hardest and firm bows in France.  This copy is made with high grade dense Pernambuco, with a rigidity that is synonymous with Fétique's work.  The bow is fully lined silver, featuring a high grade Ebony frog with mother-of-pearl Parisian-eye inlay and slide.  The grip is made of lizard skin leather wrapping over traditional silver lapping.  The adjustment screw also features a one-piece mother-of-pearl button, with Fétique's signature 2 pin assembly.  The end result is a bow crafted in Fétique style, delivering a beautiful tone that is both powerful and warm.  

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