D Z Strad Violin Bow - E. Sartory A Paris Copy - Master Antique Pernambuco Bow

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Eugene Nicolas Sartory (1871-1946) was an influential French bow maker from Mirecourt, France.  His bows, stamped 'E. Sartory A Paris,' are known for their sturdy construction and strong shafts.  Their reliability and consistency put them amongst the most popular bows in the world. The DZ Strad Sartory copy, also stamped 'E. Sartory A Paris,' is a strong, round stick Pernambuco bow with medium weight, articulate tone, easy bounce, and even response.  Featuring a fully silver-lined Ebony frog and silver adjustment screw, the handgrip is made with lizard skin leather wrapping over silver lapping.  Handcrafted with expertly selected wood, the Sartory copy is a beautiful reproduction, polished to a jewel-like finish.  
  • 4/4 (full size), Pernambuco, round stick with Ebony frog and Parisian eye inlay
  • E. Sartory reproduction, handmade by prize winning bow makers
  • Perfect choice for any professional appearances and world class performances
  • Expert wood selection, handcrafted artistry, polished to a jewel-like finish
  • Excellent balance, good for professional and advanced players
  • Size - Length (inches) / Weight (grams): 4/4 - 29.25" / 61g

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